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S0L151 - Patient Line

150cm;350psi straight tube with 1 valve on female connector
  • MRI 

REF: S0L151

P/N: 0402-001-1232

VOL./ml  Length/cm: 150cm

Package (pcs/carton): 200

Detail Information:

Patient Extension Line 150cm coiled, for Contrast Media delivery. Without non-return-valve. On patient side to be connected to a Mtrans tubing system with 50/150cm patient extension. On patient side to be connected to any patient line with at least one non-return-valve. Component pressure limit is 350PSI/ 24bar.

Product Purpose:

For extension of patient lines and a safe delivery of CT- and MR contrast media as well as 0.9% physiological saline solution.

Operation Time:

Single Use


Compatible with all brands and types of contrast media injectors.

Patient Line Length: 150cm

Patient Line Shape: Coiled

Pressure: 350psi/24bar


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